“Grandfather-What he has to say”

Some kind of sound reverberates in our ears, whose intensity increases slowly with every moment passes and every tap on the floor, a wooden stick probably of deodar, with a rubber tip at the bottom which tries hard, not to disturb the other members of the home but failing always, is the insinuation of arrival …

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“Her Smile” made my day!

Most of the time we aspire for holidays and end up doing nothing except taking a trip of social media or glueing ourselves to movies or if someone is extremely studious then gazing books and notebooks all the day. The situation becomes unbearable if you had a couple of holidays before the weekend and when …

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Teacher: Who leaves an indelible imprint on your life!!

A teacher The designation, which comes After father and mother The teacher is The testimony of kindness Is like a potter, who shapes every ugly, useless plump clay into utensils, which can support some valuables for life Is like an investor, who invest all his potential expecting nothing about his/her own profit Is a library, …

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